06 December 2009

Versatile Camel Coat Works On Many Levels

Detroit Free Press

A camel-colored coat might sound bland, but it could be just the thing to spice up a cool-weather wardrobe.

While a camel coat makes a classic chic statement, the style is malleable enough to be either a trendy boyfriend jacket or traditional trench.

Its place in fashion history, on the backs of Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Kate Moss, gives it a solid pedigree, and the color -- shades ranging from tobacco to fawn -- has a richness to it that, frankly, makes you look rich.

"Camel looks indulgent like winter white but has the pragmatism of gray and black. It's the best of both worlds. A camel coat evokes throwaway glamour," says Michael Kors, who uses camel as a core of his fall collections.

He suggests pairing camel with white or bold brights like red or orange; stylist Mary Alice Stephenson recommends it with one of the season's other trends, a neon color like hot pink or electric blue. And, if you don't think it matches your style, she says you probably haven't tried a camel kimono coat or a peacoat or a wrap.

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