19 February 2010

Tavi Gevinson: Playing Hookey at New York Fashion Week

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Gevinson is an extremely remarkable thirteen year old. She is the author of the well-known blog “Style Rookie” which has caught the eye of some very prominent people in the fashion industry.

This eighth grader from Chicago has become quite the little darling of the fashion industry. When she first created the blog, many in the fashion world thought that it was a fake blog set up by fashion insiders, due to the fact that it was so professionally written. The blog features a breakdown of magazines and and photographs, as well as her daily wardrobe.

Then suddenly, in December, Tavi opened her email to find a letter from none other than Kate and Laura Mulleavy, two sisters who are the minds behind the award winning fashion label “Rodarte.” Tavi says she was extremely excited to find out that they read her blog. This month she is on the cover of Dasha Zhukova’s “Pop” magazine.

Tavi was asked to pick her favorite three shows to cover for Fashion Week in New York, she chose Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Y-3. She has taken the week off from school to report on New York’s Fashion Week. Her dad is a teacher, who was with her everywhere , but waited outside while she went in to each event.

Tavi is there to help take up the slack while Jeanne Beker of FashionTelevison covers the Olympics. “She really loves fashion, and gets it. That’s what’s so great about her,” Beker told the Globe. “I think she’s a breath of fresh air."

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