23 March 2010

Georgian Government to Sponsor First Fashion Week in Tbilisi

The Financial

On 26 March Georgia Fashion Week (GFW) will take place in the Expo-Georgia Exhibition Centre on Tsereteli Ave. The 4th, 5th and 6th pavilions of Expo-Georgia will be covered by central hall media centre show-rooms lounge and orangery.

As the organizers of this event told The FINANCIAL Georgian Fashion Week will host some VIP guests from the Parisian fashion section and representative from Louis Vuitton Group. The Georgian Government has decided to cover expenses as the event organizers failed to attract commercial sponsors.

“Italian Vogue, Fashion TV from France, Madam Figaro, Vogue, Elle, Figaro France, and Chantal Thomas are among our honourable media guests,” says Tsitsi Iashvili, CEO of Georgian Fashion Group.

“Georgian Fashion Week is going to be held with the support of two companies - Georgian Fashion Group and French Beatrice Manson Communication & Cie. With the help of Irakli Nasidze our group signed a contract with Beatrice Manson Communication & Cie. We are responsible for organizing and running the event in Georgia and the French side is responsible for inviting critics, buyers, designers and media representatives to Georgia,” Iashvili told The FINANCIAL.

Beatrice Manson Communications & Cie. is a company that has been operating in the fashion industry for several decades. The company says that participating in various fashion weeks and working for various world-leading fashion houses means it gained huge experience in the organization and promotion process of various global and broad projects in the fashion industry.

“The mission of GFW is to promote Georgian trends in fashion and the arts, to applaud and support designers, manufacturers and retailers who are willing to bring on fresh and exclusive trends to a global industry. Another mission of GFW is to provide opportunities for consumer education about best practices in the fashion industry, to explain the global and personal benefits of adopting them, and demonstrate ways in which individuals can make meaningful changes in their wardrobes and approach,” GFW Officials note.

According to GFW officials, the mission of this event is also to generate direct economic benefits for the region and overall regional businesses in the fashion industry.

The idea for arranging Georgian Fashion Week belongs to Natali Samadalashvili, President of Georgian Fashion Group, General Director of Model Agency Natali.

She says the idea was supported by the Government of Georgia and Maka Metereveli, wife of Chairman of the Georgian Parliament.

“This event is going to be held for the first time and it was a bit risky for our French partners. Irakli Nasidze did his best to assure them that Georgia is the right country to arrange a Fashion Week in,” Iashvili says.

“This is the first such event in Georgia with standards accepted at all international fashion weeks. With this project we aim for maximum reach worldwide and promotion of Georgian designers to world leading critics and buyers,” Samadalashvili says.

According to Samadalashvili, young Georgian designers will be emphasized at this Fashion Week in order to popularize and discover new faces.

“Of course some famous designers who have existed on the local market and have taken part in fashion weeks of different countries will be involved in this event too. There are many talented designers in Georgia and fashion week will be a great opportunity for them to show their talent and possibilities in the sphere of design,” Samadalashvili says.

“With the help of Georgian Fashion week we are opening a new window to Europe. This is the first serious step in order to popularize not only Georgian designers and their offered products, but also Georgian models,” Samadalashvili says.

“Different Georgian model agencies will take part in this fashion week. Georgian girls should use the opportunity to show off their exceptional charm and beauty to foreigners, it’s a great chance for them and their careers,” Samadalashvili explains.

As Tsitsi Iashvili says, 3 foreign designers will take part in Georgian Fashion Week. Cristophe Josse from France, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada from Spain, brand On Aura Tout Vu from France, where two designers are working.

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